When you look for Italian food, you want to eat it the Italian way. No fusion, no compromises, no artificial flavours, but only genuine fresh produce and original recipes. We only use prime products and the best local ingredients delivered daily to our kitchen: real Italian pasta and extra virgin olive oil to ensure the right taste and texture; freshly harvested fruit and vegetables from our organic garden at The Samara Villas, or from local farms to ensure healhtiness; real passion for what we do to ensure quality. All our sauces, creams, dressings, bread, pizza and desserts are made in the premises. It's a flavorfully authentic experience.

The Antipasto (appetizer) is the traditional way to start a meal, while the conversation initiates and you share an atmosphere that begins to warm. Fresh ingredients to top our home made bread make it for an incredible bruschetta mista, or a tasting platter of our mixed appetizers tapas is the perfect choice to share with everybody.

And then, pasta or not pasta? 

How about a fresh salad with papaya rucola and freshly cut Parma ham, followed by our bestseller Pappardelle di Gragnano, and then a satisfying tagliata di manzo (sliced beef fillet).

Last but not least, and absolutely 100% home made all the way to the pannacotta toppings, our fresh desserts are the best way to end a meal. Don't forget to leave some space for our spectacular chocolate mousse or for our delicious authentic tiramisù.